Police Files: Dec 2

Marijuana possession in P11

On Nov. 11, OUPD made contact with a female smoking in her car. OUPD found 12 or more cigarettes lying on the ground near the car. As the officer was leaving he saw a prescription bottle filled with bags. The woman gave it to the officer and he found marijuana inside. The woman said the marijuana was her father’s and that he has a prescription for it. The officer found more marijuana and asked the woman to come with him. He requested a warrant for her arrest for having possession of an illegal substance. All evidence was confiscated from the vehicle.

Vehicle theft

OUPD received a call on Nov. 15 from a woman who reported that her car had been stolen. She saw someone drive her vehicle past her so two OUPD officers got into a patrol car and followed the vehicle. It stopped on Pioneer Drive and the officers were able to retrieve the keys from the man who had taken the car. He was arrested for unlawfully driving a vehicle and for driving without a license.