Police Files: Nov. 8, 2017

The Kresge caller

On Oct. 20, an OUPD officer was informed by Police Chief Mark Gordon of an email from Kresge Library detailing some harassing communications made to the help desks. While they were indicated as nuisance type calls, the caller had also told an employee to “go to hell” on at least one occasion. The officer went to Kresge and spoke to an employee about the situation. They said the caller had been calling in one or two times per week since August 2017, the most recent time being on Oct. 18. The caller calls during business hours to the Research Help Desk or the Service Desk and usually speaks to student employees, rarely calling with legitimate questions. Student employees have been told to direct any future calls to a supervisor to prevent negative interactions. The officer advised employees to start logging the date and times when this individual calls and to document what was said and direct any threatening calls to OUPD.

A savvy stealer

At 9:45 a.m. on Oct. 20, an officer was dispatched to the Human Health Building to take a larceny report on two cameras that were stolen from a storage closet. Six cameras were inventoried on June 14 and stored on the same shelf with the six empty, original boxes. On Oct. 18, the closet only contained four cameras and four boxes. The fact that two empty boxes were also missing led the complainant to believe that someone took them to hide the fact that the two cameras were stolen, leading a casual observer to think that only four cameras had been there in the first place. The complainant believes that other expensive medical equipment in the closet was not burgled because it would be useless to most people and hard to sell.

A baggie in a trunk

OUPD was dispatched at 9:33 p.m. on Oct. 21 to Hamlin Hall in regards to an individual attempting to go through Night Watch while smelling of marijuana. Officers arrived and made contact with the individual, who admitted that he had smoked marijuana approximately 30 minutes before and produced a medical marijuana card. He was advised that medical marijuana was not permitted on campus and asked if he had any marijuana on his person, which he denied. The individual was found to have three outstanding warrants, as well. He was advised that he was being arrested, handcuffed and transported to OUPD for booking. The individual also asked for an ice pack upon arrival to OUPD, having punched a concrete wall earlier in the day. He was transported to the Oakland County Jail without incident. After the transport to OUPD, the officer detected a small odor of fresh marijuana within his patrol car. Upon inspection, the officer found a baggie of marijuana dumped in the trunk area, which was collected and placed into evidence.