Police Files Oct. 25

A black and blue apron

Oakland University Police Department dispatch received a call in reference to a suspicious person near Hamlin Hall at 9:29 p.m. on Oct. 2. The complainant said she was approached by a black male with a larger build, wearing a black and blue apron. She stated that he shouted “damn girl, you thick” as she was walking into Vandenberg Hall. When she was leaving, he was still there and attempted to get her phone number. But, upon arrival, the officers did not oversee a subject fitting the provided description.

Officers were later approached by a different female complainant while walking back to their patrol vehicle regarding a suspicious person. She said the same man approached her and requested that she put her number into his phone. She refused and the subject ran into East Vandenberg Hall when she walked away. The description she gave matched that of the first complainant. The individual was located in the Vandenberg Dining Hall working in the kitchen area. Officers advised him of the incidents, which he initially denied but eventually admitted. He was advised by officers to use caution when conducting himself on campus and officers left without further disturbance.

Back to Wayne State

At 2:05 p.m. on Oct. 2, two officers received information via OUPD intel that a suspect in connection with entering a residence without owner’s permission and trespass at OU was in the area of Meadowbrook Rd. near W Oakland Dr. Officers made positive ID on the suspect upon arrival. The suspect was searched and then handcuffed and transported to OUPD to arrest. He was read his Miranda rights, which he waived and consented to questioning and to the search of his android phone and flash drive. He was advised of charges and then transported to Wayne State University, where the arrest warrant originated.