Police Files: Jan. 8, 2020

Feeling faint

Two officers were leaving the scene of a previous welfare check on a student when the on-duty resident director needed medical attention on the afternoon of Oct. 22. The officers stepped into the hallway to speak with each other about the welfare check they were on.

During the check, another student had stepped into the hallway because she was “feeling overheated.” As an officer walked toward her, she appeared to pass out and start to fall to the floor. The officer called her name, grabbed her arm and helped her sit on the ground.

As the officer called her name, she became more aware of her surroundings and told the officer she felt very hot. The other officer got some water and a trashcan as the student began to throw up. At this time, Auburn Hills paramedics were requested. The RA had called her housing staff to come to the scene.

The student appeared to pass out two more times between throwing up. When she was finished, Auburn Hills paramedics arrived on scene and began their assessment. After housing staff arrived on scene and the paramedics finished their assessment, the student refused transport to the hospital and was helped to her room by fellow residents. The officers and paramedics then cleared the scene.