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2023-2024 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Autumn Okuszka Editor-in-Chief See Autumn Okuszka’s profile
See Autumn Okuszka’s profile
Arianna Heyman Editor-in-Chief See Arianna Heyman’s profile
See Arianna Heyman’s profile
Payton Bucki Content Editor See Payton Bucki’s profile
See Payton Bucki’s profile
Megan Judy Managing Editor See Megan Judy’s profile
See Megan Judy’s profile
Megan Parker Managing Editor See Megan Parker’s profile
See Megan Parker’s profile
Brock Heilig Sports Editor See Brock Heilig’s profile
See Brock Heilig’s profile
Olivia Chiappelli Arts Editor See Olivia Chiappelli’s profile
See Olivia Chiappelli’s profile
Courtney Blackett Photo Editor See Courtney Blackett’s profile
See Courtney Blackett’s profile
Evelyn Gandarilla Saenzpardo Marketing Director See Evelyn Gandarilla Saenzpardo’s profile
See Evelyn Gandarilla Saenzpardo’s profile
Brian Einowski Ads Director See Brian Einowski’s profile
See Brian Einowski’s profile
Talia Agee Ads Assistant See Talia Agee’s profile
See Talia Agee’s profile
Rory Strachan Distribution Director See Rory Strachan’s profile
See Rory Strachan’s profile
Adrian Jimenez Morales Campus Reporter See Adrian Jimenez Morales’s profile
See Adrian Jimenez Morales’s profile
Gracie Murray Campus Reporter See Gracie Murray’s profile
See Gracie Murray’s profile
Dayshawn Fields Features Reporter See Dayshawn Fields’s profile
See Dayshawn Fields’s profile
Ana Gjorgjevski Features Reporter See Ana Gjorgjevski’s profile
See Ana Gjorgjevski’s profile
Noah Francis Features Reporter See Noah Francis’s profile
See Noah Francis’s profile
Moe Del Rosario Arts Reporter See Moe Del Rosario’s profile
See Moe Del Rosario’s profile
Chelsea Bossert Arts Reporter See Chelsea Bossert’s profile
See Chelsea Bossert’s profile
Evan Blanchard Sports Reporter See Evan Blanchard’s profile
See Evan Blanchard’s profile
Kurt Szymanski Sports Reporter See Kurt Szymanski’s profile
See Kurt Szymanski’s profile
Summer Weathers Sports Reporter See Summer Weathers’s profile
See Summer Weathers’s profile
Kaylah Snell Political Reporter See Kaylah Snell’s profile
See Kaylah Snell’s profile
Mallory Waligora Political Reporter See Mallory Waligora’s profile
See Mallory Waligora’s profile
Noah Thomason Political Reporter See Noah Thomason’s profile
See Noah Thomason’s profile
Carlee Morgan Photographer See Carlee Morgan’s profile
See Carlee Morgan’s profile
Charles Conant Photographer See Charles Conant’s profile
See Charles Conant’s profile
Levarius Hall Photographer See Levarius Hall’s profile
See Levarius Hall’s profile
Katie Reid Photographer See Katie Reid’s profile
See Katie Reid’s profile
Lindsey Sobkowski Photographer See Lindsey Sobkowski’s profile
See Lindsey Sobkowski’s profile
Alyssa Putnam Graphic Designer See Alyssa Putnam’s profile
See Alyssa Putnam’s profile
Lily Harrison Graphic Designer See Lily Harrison’s profile
See Lily Harrison’s profile
Barret Schettler Graphic Designer See Barret Schettler’s profile
See Barret Schettler’s profile
Sean Whitaker Graphic Designer See Sean Whitaker’s profile
See Sean Whitaker’s profile
Christian Udeozor-Nweke Graphic Designer See Christian Udeozor-Nweke’s profile
See Christian Udeozor-Nweke’s profile
Zachary Oberdier Distributor See Zachary Oberdier’s profile
See Zachary Oberdier’s profile
Chloe Kukuk Campus Editor See Chloe Kukuk’s profile
See Chloe Kukuk’s profile
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