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Professor Barbara Oakley at the blackboard working out an equation for her class. Her hard work and dedication have earned her notoriety as an influential voice in the world of Engineering.
Professor Barbara Oakley named highly influential woman in engineering
Autumn Page, Marketing Director • July 29, 2021
Oakland University Professor Barbara Oakley has been named as a ‘highly influential woman in engineering’ by
Junior Dakota Zehler is currently studying abroad in Costa Rica.
Student shares experience studying abroad in Costa Rica
Sarah Gudenau, Graphic Designer • July 28, 2021
Junior Dakota Zehler is on a two-month long study abroad trip to Costa Rica, which began on June 30 and will end on Aug. 7. Part of
Jovenel Moise, president of Haiti, who was assassinated earlier this month. His murderers are unknown at this time.
Moise’s assassination adds to Haitian instability
Tanner Trafelet, Reporter • July 28, 2021
As reported by the Associated Press, former Haitian President Jovenel Moise
OU’s rec center is inviting students back
July bargaining sessions, faculty contract negotiations nearing deadline
OUWB supports local immigrants and families by teaching anatomy
Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health Merger: For Michigan, by Michigan
Reporter Tori Coker.
Five essential tracks for your end-of-summer playlist
Tori Coker, Contributor • July 28, 2021

Summer’s officially winding to a close. We’re getting closer to fall semester everyday: closer to that final wave of wind through your hair on a road trip, closer to that final footprint in the sand,...

The United States needs to stop enabling Cuba’s communist dictatorship
Tanner Trafelet, Reporter • July 28, 2021

The Cuban Constitution ratified in 2019 states that Cubans have a right to free speech and expression, as long as it ‘is in accordance with the humanist principles upon which the State’s cultural policy...

The spooky poster for Netflix
'Fear Street' trilogy needed better casting
Bridget Janis, Features Editor • July 28, 2021

“Fear Street”  is the new Netflix trilogy that has been trending this month. These movies are based on the books “Fear Street” by R.L. Stine, which are the grown versions of “Goosebumps.”  The...

Detroit Tigers General Manager Al Avila.
Tigers rebuild is over? We'll see about that
Matthew Scheidel, Sports Editor • July 28, 2021

On May 7, the Detroit Tigers were 9-24. It looked like they were headed for another 100-loss season. For a team that had been rebuilding for the better part of five years, this was certainly disappointing.  Fast...

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