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The Comeback Kid: Trump’s Guide to Winning “Yuge”

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor June 12, 2024

Former President Donald Trump is doing better than expected in the polls right now — even while fighting legal battles. There’s no doubt that a victory is possible (but difficult) for him come election...

Photo Courtesy of The White House

Dear Mr. President: Here’s how you can win

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor June 12, 2024

For some, another four years of President Joe Biden in the oval office is heaven. For others, it’s a nightmare. No matter one’s opinion, a future is possible where Biden prevails and earns another...

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RFK’s enduring fight: An updated look at his persistent campaign

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor May 22, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is still in the presidential race, so let’s take a look at his lasting campaign that has withstood turmoil from both sides of the political scale. Campaigning on the idea of...

Photo courtesy of NPR

House passes antisemitism bill

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor May 8, 2024

On May 1, the United States House of Representatives passed a new bill, causing the entire country to question its stance on free speech vs. violence. Where does one draw the line on free speech? How...

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Gaza solidarity encampments spread across the US

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor May 1, 2024

As Israel-Hamas tensions grow, college students all around the U.S. are taking action and protesting on campus. Many have likened the protests to the Vietnam protests – both protests advocating large-scale...

Photo courtesy of Oregon Public Broadcasting

America’s third choice: The beliefs of RFK Jr.

Nicholas Kablak, Political Reporter April 24, 2024

The American 2024 presidential election is proving to be unlike any other in the nation's history. One reason for this unusualness is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — an Independent candidate for president who...

Photo courtesy of NPR

War on the horizon: Iran strikes Israel

Nicholas Kablak, Political Reporter April 24, 2024

Iran has recently launched hundreds of drones and missiles into Israeli territory after Israel bombed Iran's embassy in Damascus, Syria. This turn of events marks a turning point in the feud between Iran...

Photo courtesy of Grist

The Vatican rejects gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor April 17, 2024

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the Catholic Church issued a document stating the church’s view on gender. The statement reaffirmed its strong opposition to gender-affirming surgery and gender theory.  The...

Photo courtesy of OUSC

Budget breakdown: Does OU’s Student Congress really need more money?

Nicholas Kablak, Political Reporter April 17, 2024

The Oakland University Student Congress (OUSC) has recently concluded its elections for the next year. This event has brought the organization's budget to the forefront and is drawing questions that the...

Photo courtesy of Oakland University Student Congress

Student advocacy or self-interest? OUSC scholarships under scrutiny

Nicholas Kablak and Mallory Waligora April 17, 2024

Oakland University Student Congress (OUSC) is the official student government for Oakland University. They serve to advocate and represent the student body. However, questions surrounding OUSC’s budget...

Photo courtesy of Oakland University Student Congress

OU Student Congress bill to help fund Club Sports gets tabled

Noah Francis, Features Editor April 10, 2024

For many of the organizations at Oakland University to function properly, funding will always be an essential factor, and the Student Activity Fee (SAF) is OU’s main way of funding all student organizations.  The...

Photo courtesy of Euractiv

Rise of empires: France and Russia in West Africa amid the Ukraine war

Nicholas Kablak, Political Reporter April 10, 2024

The string of recent military coups in West Africa over the last few years has caused the region to become engrossed in competition between France and Russia. The two European powers' struggle in the region...

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