Police Files: March 11, 2020

I didn’t do nothin’, baby

An officer on patrol in a fully marked patrol vehicle observed a vehicle approach the median stop sign near West Oakland Drive near midnight on Jan. 4, 2020. The officer observed the vehicle brake at high speed and come to a stop with the squealing of tires. The vehicle then traveled across both lanes and into the right turn lane. If not for a last second correction, the vehicle would have left the roadway. The officer at that point performed a traffic stop and pulled the vehicle over.

The officer approached the driver side of the car and saw the driver going through papers searching for vehicle information. The driver was singing to himself, “I didn’t do nothin’, baby” as he did not notice the officer at his door. He visibly jumped in his seat when the officer introduced themselves. The subject had red, watery eyes and his pupils were dilated. His speech was slurred and the officer could smell intoxicants. After performing a field sobriety test and a blood draw, the officer transported the driver back to his residence and told him not to return to pick up his vehicle until 10 the next morning. The vehicle was towed to the Oakland University Police Department, and the scene was cleared.