Police Files Oct. 4

Not the Greatest First Impression

At 4:20 p.m.  on Sept. 12, an Oakland University Police Department officer was dispatched to Meadow Brook Mansion due to a report of three children that were left unattended. The children were alone for nearly half an hour to play in one of the golf course sand traps while their baby sitter left to get her dog. Upon their arrival at the police station, the children were given stickers, plastic police badges and coloring books to keep them occupied. The baby sitter and parents were contacted, where it was learned that this was the first occasion of the baby sitter watching the children after she and the family were introduced through church. The baby sitter was cited for child abuse of the fourth degree and released to her pastor and sister in-law.

Group Messages? More Like Drama Parties

Dispatch received a call that an assault had taken place in North Hamlin Hall on Sept. 20. The resident assistant on duty stated that one of the females had hit another resident and her lip had stuck to her braces. The victim stated that she and a roommate were having disagreements over a group message.  The roommate came into her room that day and began arguing with the victim and this was the point when she had been hit in the face. The assailant was issued a citation for assault and battery, and was told to pack a bag and leave campus. OUPD reminded her that she was not able to return until she had spoken to the Dean of Students.

Canadian Club Whiskey, A Bottle Of Wine, Labatt Reserve Apple Ale…

At 8:20 p.m. on Sept. 20, an officer was dispatched to West Vandenberg Hall for a welfare check on a student that may have alcohol present and had a history of self-harm. The officer did not observe the odor of intoxicants nor did he observe red, watery eyes. When the officer asked her if she had any alcohol in her room, she responded in saying that “she did not think there was any alcohol” and none that “she knew was in there.” In the refrigerator, the officer found a near empty bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey, a bottle of wine, a bottle of Labatt reserve apple ale and a diet coke bottle with rum in the freezer. She was issued a minor in possession of Alcohol and the alcohol was removed and disposed of.