Police Files Sept. 13

Hamlin and the Hippie Lettuce

Two Oakland University Police Department officers were called to Hamlin Hall on Sept. 4 for an odor investigation. The officers met the caller in the lobby, where they were brought to the room of the suspect, the hallway smelling faintly of marijuana. Both students in the room were identified and both admitted to smoking marijuana about four and a half hours before. One student, who was visiting, was told to leave campus and was warned and advised that marijuana use is not allowed on campus and that the Dean of Students would be notified of the situation. The officers left without further incident.

14 Students and a Few Empty Beers

OUPD was dispatched on Sept. 2 to the Ann V. Nicholson Apartments to investigate a room that may have had minors drinking in it. When the officer entered the room, he saw a table with multiple empty beer bottles on it. He asked if the subjects in the room had been drinking and if everyone was over the age of 21, to which a few of the students shook their heads. The officer took information from all of the individuals, four of 14 being under the age of 21. The four subjects that were underage were cited for Minor in Possession.

A Pink iPhone, Two Shoelaces, and a Business Card

Monroe Central Dispatch contacted dispatch on Sept. 1 about a subject that had been pulled over with a warrant from their department. A Michigan State Trooper met with OUPD behind the police station, where the suspect was searched, placed into handcuffs and then brought back to the station, where the person was booked and fingerprinted. After the process, an officer transported the suspect to Oakland County Jail, where their property, an iPhone with a pink OtterBox, two black shoelaces, a traffic ticket and a towing business card, were confiscated, enveloped and placed in the September box in the property room.

Peeping Tom spotted on campus

Over the past few days, OUPD received three complaints of peeping Tom incidents in the residence halls’ shower areas. In each case, the one responsible was described as being a black male and between 18 and 21 years of age. He is approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and was wearing gray sweat pants and a dark shirt. Any suspicious activity should be reported to OUPD at (248) 370-3331.