Yaks of the Week: Feb 3

  1. “Can someone tell Bill Nye that in order to find a parking spot he needs to come before 9am.”
  2. “I bought scantrons before I took that sociology exam so basically I just paid $2.25 to fail an exam.”
  3. “Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman.”
  4. “All my life I’ve wanted to marry Aladdin but no he had to be a fictional character.”
  5. “You know you’re a college student when you want to cry but can’t because you don’t have time.”
  6. “Give your mom’s profile picture a like so the financial support will keep flowing.”
  7. “Singing Disney and chill.”
  8. “It’s January in Michigan and it’s raining. Did we enter the twilight zone when I wasn’t paying attention?”
  9. “Are you really a college student if you don’t question your life choices every day?”
  10. “If yOU don’t capitalize the ‘OU’ in every word, do yOU really love yOUr school?”

Extra shout out to everyone who was posting Disney lyrics on Wednesday! Keep living life the right way.