Yaks for March 30


  1. “To all the haters who said I couldn’t get a 4.0… You were right.”
  2. “Sooo excited! I got the room at the top of the clock tower with my housing number!”
  3. “My life is very similar to Rihanna’s song, just work work work and the rest of it I really can’t understand.”
  4. “Is it really a parking ticket? Or are you just paying for a premium spot?”
  5. “Oh you’re following me because you want my parking spot? Well jokes on you because I can’t remember where I parked.”
  6. “So bored I might actually do homework. I mean probably not but it’s close.”
  7. “Good Friday is really good because of all the open parking spots.”
  8. “It’s weird how British people say ‘chips’ instead of ‘fries’ and how my dad says ‘you’re a disappointment’ instead of ‘I love you.’”
  9. “Me writing a resume in the future: Is highly skilled at freaking out, sleeping in and pushing self to dangerous mental limits.”
  10. My biggest fear is dropping my phone in Bear Lake while crossing the bridge.”