Yaks for March 16

  1. “Me: *has tons of homework to do* Me: *takes Buzzfeed quiz to see what kind of Pop Tart I am.*”
  2. “Hey guys! What kind of school did Carbon go to? An ELEMENTary school. Hahaha someone be my friend.”
  3. “Be the type of person your dog thinks you are.”
  4. “First day on the job as a drug dealer. ‘We don’t have coke, is Pepsi ok?’ *giggles* *gets stabbed.*”
  5. “Finding a girl like you is like trying to get a Bill Nye ticket #OUPickupLines.”
  6. “Boyfri(end) girlfri(end) bestfri(end) piz(forever)za.”
  7. “Hungry, walks into Vandy. Finds an acorn on the ground. Picks up acorn and eats it instead.”
  8. “Wanna know what makes me smile? …Face muscles.”
  9. “I start political debates to boost my Yakarama #HonestyHour.”
  10. “Responses to Yaks should be called ReYaktions.”