Yaks for March 23

Top 10 Yaks of the week

Shelby Tankersley

  1. “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Daylight Savings Time.”
  2. “Assert your dominance by calling your roommate by their student ID number.”
  3. “*Follows dreams* *dreams don’t follow back* *unfollows dreams.*”
  4. “True love: I love you more than Bill Nye loves sun dials.”
  5. “Doctor: Now where does it hurt? Me: my bracket.”
  6. “Imagine if the zodiac killer comes forward because he can’t stand the idea that people think he’s Ted Cruz.”
  7. “Plot twist: Oakland uses our tuition money to put in a new set of sidewalks that actually make sense.”
  8. “My roommate doesn’t always have an overnight guest. But when he does, I have an important exam the next day.”
  9. “The Bachelor should be called Hunger Games: Relationship Edition.”
  10. “BILL! BILL! BILL!”