Yaks for March 9

  1. “Leo wins an Oscar. OU housing site crashes. The apocalypse is upon us.”
  2. “It’s always nice getting acupuncture to the face. Compliments of the snow.”
  3. “Imagine falling in love with someone and finding out they wear their Oakland ID on a lanyard around their neck.”
  4. “Question for vegetarians: how can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”
  5. “Let’s play a game called how long can I sit in my car until it’s absolutely necessary to get to class.”
  6. “Hopefully my professor got lost in the snow.”
  7. “If I can’t live in Oak View I don’t want to live at all.”
  8. “Welcome back from break! Anyone have an extra casket I can use? Thanks in advance.”
  9. “My grandma gave me a $50 bill for my birthday so I decided to be smart with my money and buy $50 worth of Girl Scout cookies.”
  10. “Instead of reading the Oakland Post I get most of my OU news from Yik Yak.”
    1. (Shame, then I guess you’ll never know this was here… -Shelby)