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Top 10 Yaks of the Year

Top 10 Yaks of the year“Is it really a parking ticket? Or are you just paying for a premium spot?”“Dentist: *shoots you* you’re bleeding because you don’t floss.”“Don’t be offended if someone...

Yaks for April 6

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief April 3, 2016

Top 10 Yaks of the week“Shout out to the guy picking his nose in the parking garage, I hope you find what you’re looking for.”“Whoever said you’re worth more than your grades clearly had no intention...

Yaks for March 30

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief March 27, 2016

 “To all the haters who said I couldn’t get a 4.0… You were right.”“Sooo excited! I got the room at the top of the clock tower with my housing number!”“My life is very similar to Rihanna’s...

Yaks for March 23

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief March 20, 2016

Top 10 Yaks of the weekShelby Tankersley“Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Daylight Savings Time.”“Assert your dominance by calling your roommate by their student ID...

Yaks for March 16

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief March 13, 2016

“Me: *has tons of homework to do* Me: *takes Buzzfeed quiz to see what kind of Pop Tart I am.*” “Hey guys! What kind of school did Carbon go to? An ELEMENTary school. Hahaha someone...

Yaks for Feb 17

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief February 14, 2016

“We live in a world where not only do our politicians lie but apparently so do our groundhogs.” “For Lent I’m giving up.” “Surprise your girlfriend this valentine's day with a live...

Yaks for Feb 10

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief February 7, 2016

Top 10 Yaks of the week“I’ve been studying for two hours and haven’t even started studying yet.”“The word ‘lecture’ is derived from the Latin word ‘lectus’ which means ‘bed,’ because...

Yaks of The Week: Jan 6

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief January 3, 2016

“An iPhone charger should be called apple juice.” “Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t answer your text. Their phone is either ‘on silent’ or ‘right in front of their lying...

Yak of The Week: Dec 2

By Shelby Tankersley, staff reporter November 27, 2015

Top Yaks of the weekShelby Tankersley“November is like the Thursday of the year.”“You know college has corrupted you when you start having a full on panic attack because you have to spend the day...

Yik Yak is a place for anyone to vent, complain, tell jokes, post personals or whatever else they feel like sharing.

Top Yaks of the week

By Shelby Tankersley, staff reporter November 15, 2015

  1. “I know we’re all trash, but that’s why they are called garbage cans, not garbage cannots.”

  2. “Me when I’m feeling suspiciously relaxed: what responsibility have I forgotten?”

  3. “All of my friends get an extra hour off partying tonight but I’m getting an extra hour of sleep so who’s the real winner here.”

  4. “Wait… I don’t remember taking my exam in red pen…?”

  5. “Stepped on an eraser and freaked out ‘cause I thought it was my cat’s paw. I’m in the human health building.”

  6. “I feel like Netflix should be the 8th deadly sin.”

  7. “Applying for scholarships is like entering the lottery.”

  8. “Well since I’m running late anyways why not grab a coffee and donuts.”

  9. “Best part of Halloween is the day after Halloween candy sales.

  10. “Was talking to a blind girl in the elevator, as I was leaving I accidentally said ‘I’ll see you around’ and she replied ‘I won’t.’”


“I don’t always look good, but when I do I take selfies to prove that it actually happened.”

“Police should have to wear shoes that light up red and blue for when they chase someone on foot.”

Yaks for Oct 21

Top Yaks of the WeekShelby Tankersley“IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE ME AT MY WORST I don’t blame you, neither can I most of the time.”“Dentist: *shoots you* you’re bleeding because you don’t floss.”“I...

Yik Yak is a place for anyone to vent, complain, tell jokes, post personals or whatever else they feel like sharing.

Yaks of the week

By Shelby Tankersley October 11, 2015



  1. Every day it seems becoming a drug lord is a more viable option than classes.

  2. What do you mean you are out of American cheese, what country is this?

  3. *Hides from everyone I used to go to high school with.*

  4. Left some adderall in my Ford Fiesta. Now it’s a Ford Focus.

  5. Two long boarders just went past each other and I’m disappointed they didn’t high five or something.

  6. Before I graduate I will have scaled the Clock Tower dressed as a gorilla.

  7. Math will satisfy my foreign language requirement, right?

  8. My favorite type of men is ramen.

  9. The correct pronunciation of Au Bon Pan is “Café O’Bears.”

  10. College is nice. You can wear the same shirt two days in a row if you have to because your MWF people don’t know about your TR life.


    Michigan dress code: Hoodie, shorts, snow boots, winter hat…

    Yakarma is basically participation points.

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