Yaks of The Week: Jan 6

Shelby Tankersley, Staff Reporter

  1. “An iPhone charger should be called apple juice.”
  2. “Don’t be offended if someone doesn’t answer your text. Their phone is either ‘on silent’ or ‘right in front of their lying face.’”
  3. “Kinda want to tell my puppy I love him, but… We haven’t been together very long, I don’t want to come off as clingy.”
  4. “I have a more emotional connection to R2D2 than any other character in Star Wars.”
  5. “Shout out to my friends for not inviting me to their New Years plans.”
  6. “A highway in France has been closed off after 20 tons of mayo spilled and caught on fire. This, combined with a dash of coriander and 2 cups of flour, is a literal recipe for disaster.”
  7. “New year, who dis?”
  8. “Taylor Swift and Nicki Manaj discuss the media ‘pitting women against each other’ the only way they know how: pitting themselves against each other.”
  9. “I’m so mad. I ordered a pizza last year and it still hasn’t arrived.”
  10.  “I’m the nerd who has already checked moodle and I don’t care.”