Yaks for Feb 10

Top 10 Yaks of the week

  1. “I’ve been studying for two hours and haven’t even started studying yet.”
  2. “The word ‘lecture’ is derived from the Latin word ‘lectus’ which means ‘bed,’ because that is exactly where I’d rather be during my 8:00am classes.”
  3. “If Donald Trump wins I am leaving the country. If Bernie Sanders wins I am leaving the country. This isn’t a political post, I want to travel.”
  4. “Shout out to the wind for holding the doors open for me.”
  5. “I need to get my life together for my future dog.”
  6. “Upvote this Yak if you like cats or if you’re a murderer. Nobody will know.”
  7. “This post isn’t going to end like you thought it octopus.”
  8. “*At my future wedding* ‘Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?’ Me to the group chat: ‘Omg do I say yes or is that desperate.’”
  9. “By far my biggest regret is liking 1000 Facebook pages when I was 15.”

“I’ve about had it with classes and I’ve decided to move into the forest and start my colony of deer people. Goodbye OU, you shall be missed.”