Yaks for Feb 17

  1. “We live in a world where not only do our politicians lie but apparently so do our groundhogs.”
  2. “For Lent I’m giving up.”
  3. “Surprise your girlfriend this valentine’s day with a live alligator.”
  4. “Is it really a Michigan February if it doesn’t hurt to breathe?
  5. “College has made me really good at pretending not to see people.”
  6. “*Cuts through every building to avoid walking outside.*”
  7. “Commenting on a controversial Yak like: ‘I’m just here for the show.’”
  8. “Tell your date you’re a magician & then disappear forever. She’ll be so amazed.”
  9. “Two boxes of chocolates. One for me. The other for me.”
  10. “JK Rowling declared that a new Harry Potter book is in the works. Just a heads up, Snape won’t be in it (Too soon?)”