Yaks for March 2

  1. “‘No mom, fall semester grades still haven’t been posted.’”
  2. “My favorite part of cooking is when it’s done and the delivery person gets here.”
  3. “Exit the womb they said. It’ll be fun they said.”
  4. “I need a day in between Saturday and Sunday.”
  5. “I think I peaked in third grade when I was the line leader.”
  6. “Kanye is the kind of guy to upvote his own Yak as soon as he posts it.”
  7. “Why didn’t Leo laugh at the Oscar joke? Because he didn’t get it.”
  8. “20 years old, moving out of my parents’ house… Mom reminds me that I can only have half a pop a day.”
  9. “Vampires are always like ‘I could kill you if I wanted’ Yeah? So could another human being. So could a dog. So could a dedicated duck. You aren’t special.”
  10. “You know when you are taking out the trash and you realize you forgot to bring the trash? You just stand there for a minute and think to yourself, ‘am I the trash?’”