Police files for April 6

Police Files

Shelby Tankersley

Identity theft

            On March 25, a student went to the OUPD lobby to report her identity stolen. She received a check in the mail that was supposed to be direct deposit. The check was made out to her but meant for a different account.  The student said that she had not yet filed taxes, but the IRS confirmed that taxes had been filed in her name. OUPD had her fill out a W2 and a form reporting her stolen identity.

Underage drinking

OUPD was called to the dorms on March 30 to investigate residents drinking. Upon arrival, the officers were let into the room by the students. Both students said they were 19 and agreed to a breathalyzer test. The students were issued MIPs and told the officers they had been drinking hard apple cider. OUPD poured what was left of the cider down the bathroom sink and left without further incident.