Police files for April 13

Police Files

Shelby Tankersley

Stolen car and narcotics

            On March 23, an OUPD officer was called to P1 because of a report of a male doing drugs with a spoon and a lighter. When the officer approached the vehicle, he could see that the student had just injected himself with a syringe. The student reached for something at his side, so the officer drew his firearm and asked to see the student’s hands. After many prods, the student stepped out of his vehicle and complied. The arrest took place without incident. Upon searching the vehicle after the arrest, OUPD found large amounts of Xanax and heroin and saw that the car was stolen. The student is currently banned from campus.

Stolen identity

A female student filed a complaint to OUPD on April 5 about a fraudulent tax return. The IRS had sent the student a letter saying that someone had attempted to file for taxes in her name. The student filled out an identity theft report. The case is not yet closed.