Police Files



Harassing communications: March 7 a student asked for a police officer to stand by while her ex-boyfriend came to get his belongings. The student broke up with her ex in early February. At that time, the student asked him how he wanted his belongings. She stated that her ex told her he did not want them. The student sold a PS2, but kept the rest of the items. March 7 her ex contacted the student through a mutual friend asking for the PS2 back. The ex continues to contact the student. OUPD advised the student to drop her ex’s belongings off at the police station. She dropped the items off in a duffle bag. OUPD contacted the ex and told him the items were at the police station. The ex has been advised not to have contact with the student.

 Sexual Assault: March 9 two students met in North Hamlin after an exchange of text messages. Both the male and female students went up to the male student’s room. The students began to playfully wrestle. The students began to kiss on the floor. The male student put one of his hands on the female’s midriff area and the other on her butt and thigh. He tried to pursue the fondling further when the female resisted, so he said he stopped. After a while the female stated she had to go and left the room. The male student texted the female later asking if she was mad at him. The female did not respond. When the male student was questioned by OUPD he told police that the female student might be mad at him because of the incident. The two met over Facebook in February. The matter is unresolved.

 Sick care for medical: March 10 two officers were dispatched to Bear Lake Nightwatch Station for a medical emergency call. The subject had a laceration to his head and was bleeding from a failed robbery off campus. When an officer arrived on scene they noticed a cut on the student’s ear, but no other apparent injuries. The student stated the injury occurred in Pontiac at a gas station. He was approached and assaulted by an individual trying to steal his car. He decided to drive to OU to clean off his wound. The student was advised to file a police report. The scene was cleared without further incident.

Operating while intoxicated: March 12 an officer responded to a call about a possible Operating While Intoxicated driver in the traffic circle at University and Squirrel. The vehicle was driving erratically forward and backward in the wrong direction around the circle. An officer stopped the vehicle. The driver appeared to be disoriented and spoke with slurred speech. There was an odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. He was placed in the back of a patrol car for further investigation. The interior of the car was filled with dust from the dual airbags, which had deployed. The car was damaged from the driver’s immediate stop. An officer located a tree that had been recently struck by a car. A piece of the driver’s bumper was on the ground by the tree. The driver’s license is currently ineligible and he is suspended until April 8. A Preliminary Breath Test was administered and the driver blew a .233. He was transported to Oakland County Jail and given an OWI. The vehicle was towed and impounded.

Medical emergency: March 13 two officers were dispatched in response to a suicidal subject. A woman had called OUPD and told them to follow her. They went to a room in Van Wagner and found a female resident lying on her bed crying. Her head was in a pillow and she was on a cell phone asking for her best friend. The informed officers that she wanted to kill herself. She became very upset when she was told she would be going to the hospital. An officer located a small bag of marijuana in the student’s coat. The student was transported to Crittenton Hospital Emergency Room where an officer filled out a petition for hospitalization.