Police Files Sept. 6

PNG Alert

A man came to the Oakland University Police Department dispatch window on August 21, requesting visitation with the captain or sergeant in charge. He identified himself as an OU alum and admitted that he was not welcome on campus because he “received a letter in the mail.” He described being PNG’d unjustly and that an OU employee was fired because of the incident. He came to campus anyway as he was invited for the following day (Aug. 22) by a professor and he wanted to be sure that this was allowed. He was told to leave and not return until he received resolution with the Dean of Students.

A “Bad Habit Of Smoking Cigars”

A man was questioned on August 15 for suspicious behavior near the Greek cottages on S. Adams Rd. He stated that he walks his dog around the trail when he knew students were not there and had acquired a bad habit of smoking cigars on the nearby golf course, using a chair from the first house. The incident included a run-in with two Oakland employees who stated that the man was wearing flip flops, which were odd walking attire, and attempting to open the door of one of the houses. He was issued a PNG.

Panty Thief?

OUPD was called to Oak View Hall by a female student stating that there was an unwanted female guest in her room. The unwanted individual had been accused by the caller of stealing two pairs of Victoria’s Secret underwear. The unwanted guest stated that hundreds of pairs of underwear were sold at Victoria’s Secret, just like the pair in question, and she had no way of proving that the underwear was the caller’s. Both parties were advised to have no further contact and no enforcement action was taken.