Police Files August 2

Breaking into an old trailer

A man called OUPD on July 12 to report a forced entry to the storage trailer that is parked on the southern end of campus where the Kettering Magnetic Lab used to be. The door to the trailer appeared to have been forced open with a crowbar. OUPD officers went to investigate the scene and saw that the trailer was indeed broken into. However, without an inventory list of the trailer, it was impossible for officers to tell if anything of value had been taken.

All for a good Instagram picture

On July 17, two OUPD officers were out on patrol when they spotted two subjects crawl under the fences that block the construction site of the new Southern Housing Complex. Officers entered the area and arrested both of the trespassers, who were identified as two male students. As the fences have “no trespassing” signs on them, both students had to be arrested and were given tickets for trespassing. Upon questioning, both men said they were just trying to get a good picture.

Parent wants an NBA star

OUPD was called to the O’rena on June 25 after a father was denied leaving a basketball camp because he had threatened to hurt his 15-year-old son for not playing well enough. The boy had reported the incident and told officers that his father regularly hurt him. Officers observed no bruising on the boy, but took the father in for questioning. The father openly admitted to punching his son out of “duty” as a father. After conversing with the officers, the father agreed to let his son leave with the boy’s grandfather. The incident was reported to Child Protective Services.