Police Files June 7, 2017

Forcible Contact in Hamlin Hall

On April 25, a student called the Oakland University Police Department to report that her friend had been sexually assaulted. OUPD came to the girl’s room, where she was found crying and shaking. A male she recognized from Vandenberg Cafeteria approached her on her way to Hamlin. He said he was going to see his cousin who lived in the building. While riding the elevator in the building, he hugged her and grabbed her butt. The male was quickly identified and, upon questioning, repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Later, on May 9, the male admitted to lying in the first interview and said he did hug the student, but nothing more. He also said he lied about having a cousin in Hamlin. The student ultimately did not press charges.

Damage of Property in Elliott Hall

OUPD was dispatched to Elliot Hall on the morning of May 22 on the report of a vandalized tampon dispenser. The door was pulled back, exposing the product and two coin boxes. Nothing had been taken because the coin boxes required key access, the product was simply left untouched. OUPD put in a work order to fix the machine for $327, which includes labor. A suspect has yet to be identified because the staff member who made the report said the incident probably happened the day before it was reported.