Police Files: Finals Edition

In the days leading up to finals, the Oakland University Police Department was busy keeping the peace. These are some of the out-of-the ordinary incidents that took place.

Stolen laptop in Vandy

On April 10, OUPD dispatch received a call from a student saying her laptop had been stolen from the Five West Vandenberg Hall lounge. She had left the lounge to shower, but when she returned her laptop and charger were gone. She searched the lounge and her room but could not find either item. OUPD advised her to not leave possessions unattended. OUPD received another call on April 18 from the girl saying that the laptop and charger had been slid under her door while she was sleeping. Someone had knocked faintly on the door and slid the stolen property under. However, she was concerned that whoever took the computer damaged it because it was running slow. The student decided to just get the computer fixed and not press charges.

Flasher in Kresge

A student called OUPD on April 16 to report indecent exposure. She said she had been on the fourth floor of Kresge Library when a male student walked over and exposed himself. A student who had problems with OUPD in the past matched her description and was not far from the officers when they arrived. When asked if he had flashed the student, he nervously denied any wrongdoing. But the female student insisted that he was the one who had flashed her. The male student was then read his Miranda rights and was arrested for indecent exposure. Upon release, the student was told to not return to campus until asked. He left without incident. Later in an interview with OUPD, the student said it was his way of flirting with girls and that it had given him some success in the past. He stated he had not done it to belittle her or be aggressive.