Police Files: April 12, 2017

Larceny in Pawley

An Oakland University Police Department officer was dispatched to Pawley Hall on March 9 to investigate reports of larceny. The officer was taken to a room where the locks had been removed on the drawers of three filing cabinets. The door leading into the room showed no signs of forced entry. A witness told the officer that shirts were being sold for a fundraiser that raised an estimated $600. The witness believed that the removal of the locks was an attempt to steal the money, but the money was safe because it was not stored in the filing cabinet. Officers later watched footage of the event, but were unsuccessful in identifying a suspect.

Blunt Confiscated

On March 10, an OUPD officer noticed a driver smoking inside a vehicle in P32. The occupant put down the object he was smoking as soon as he noticed the officer. He rolled down his window to greet the officer, and the officer noticed the odor of marijuana. The officer asked how much marijuana was in the car and who had been smoking. Two of the vehicle’s three occupants admitted to smoking, and one said he wasn’t a smoker. The officer was handed a plastic baggy of marijuana and a yellow marijuana pipe. One of the occupants said the blunt he had been smoking was between the seat and the door, and the officer confiscated it. When a second officer arrived, the occupants were asked to step out of the vehicle, and it was searched. No additional drugs were found. Two of the occupants were handcuffed and taken to the station for booking. They were given citations for marijuana use. The third occupant was not issued a citation, but was taken to the station to wait for his mother. A total of 1.9 grams of marijuana was confiscated.