Police Files for Jan 13

Shelby Tankersley

Simple assault in Kresge

Before finals week last semester on Nov. 23, two female students reported a charge of simple assault to OUPD. One of the students was studying on the third floor of Kresge Library when a male student sat across from her without asking. He proceeded to stare at her and took off his shoes and touched her feet. The victim took OUPD officers back to Kresge and helped identify him. OUPD spoke to him and the student said that he has an “uncontrollable urge to touch women’s feet with his bare feet.” OUPD took him to the Graham Health Center and he was later taken to a hospital.

Marijuana possession in P2

On Dec. 16, OUPD officers found an illegally parked vehicle in P2. The student in the driver’s seat of the car rolled down his window for the officers. The car smelled of marijuana and the student had bloodshot, glassy eyes. OUPD could also see two marijuana cigarettes on the floor of the vehicle and found more of the substance bagged inside the car. The student was given a citation for illegal possession of marijuana.