Police Files: Feb. 15, 2017

Stolen cell phone

The Oakland University Police Department was sent to Van Wagoner Hall on Jan. 15 to investigate a report of an assault. Officers met a resident in the building, where a woman explained that she owed her friend $5, as they had gone out to dinner the previous night. At some point after dinner, an argument took place, and the suspect pushed the woman into a door and took her cell phone. Later on, the two met outside Hamlin Hall. When the woman tried to pay her friend back, the suspect pushed her hand away, saying she didn’t want the money back in change. Officers soon discovered that the suspect had admitted to stealing the phone over Snapchat. The woman told officers that she wished to press charges.

Snapchat death threats

On Jan. 19, officers went to South Foundation Hall to investigate a report of threats. A woman received two threatening Snapchats. The first said, “Since I can’t put my hands on her, imma set her up. She better hope she’s not outside alone tonight or tomorrow night,” and the second said, “I think I wanna see [her] close to dead or dead.” The victim stated that she had dated the suspect in high school and was afraid of being assaulted. An officer issued a domestic violence warrant, and the images were forwarded to the dean of students.

Illegal parking in handicap spot
Officers witnessed a Jeep parked in a handicap parking space in P1. They approached the vehicle and asked the driver if the handicap placard belonged to her. She responded that it did. When the officers asked for the placard and her license, the driver quickly retracted the statement and said it belonged to her father. She said she had been using the placard without any issues before. OUPD gave the woman a misdemeanor for misuse of a handicap placard and confiscated the placard.