Police Files for Feb 3

Shelby Tankersley


Minor in possession of alcohol                          

On Jan. 9, an OUPD officer saw a car parked in P11 with the driver slumped over the armrest. The officer went to the car to make sure she was alright. She was, but there was a male student lying in the back seat. He told OUPD that he had “shot gunned” two cans of beer about 20 minutes earlier and added that he was only 18. The student was given a citation for underage drinking. The driver had no alcohol in her system.

Harassing text messages

A female student reported to OUPD that she received harassing text messages from an unknown male early on Jan. 8. She said he threatened her and her boyfriend. He also claimed to know where she lives and her class schedule. The student never revealed himself but sent messages of apology the night of Jan. 8 asking the girl not to let her boyfriend beat him up. Housing gave the girl an alternate room should she need it and OUPD offered to escort her if she ever felt unsafe.

Larceny in Hannah Hall

A woman went to the police station to report her laptop stolen on Jan. 12. She said that it had been taken from her office the night before. The woman stated that she had locked the office and did not think that any of the graduate students she works with would have taken her laptop. OUPD tried to check the cameras from HHS, but there are no cameras in the area that her computer was taken from.