Police Files: Jan. 4, 2017

Ex-Girlfriend, destroyer of cars

The Oakland University Police Department was contacted Nov. 13 to report malicious damage of a vehicle. The victim explained to officers that he was involved in a breakup at the end of October and suspected that his ex-girlfriend was the one responsible for a scratch on his vehicle. Officers became skeptical once they realized that the victim had recently been accused of stalking. The owner of the damaged car denied the claims of stalking and stated that his gym schedule was simply being mimicked, and that his character was being unfairly attacked. OUPD promised to review video surveillance to try to find out who damaged the man’s vehicle.

Malicious voice mails

OUPD interviewed a woman in Kresge Library on Nov. 21. She told an officer that she had received  threats from an unknown caller. The young woman played the voice mail, which said, “When I catch you, I’m putting you next to your daddy.” When the voice mail ended, the victim revealed to the officer that her father was deceased. The woman recognized the voice as someone who had previously vandalized her vehicle. OUPD escorted the woman to her mother, who was in P1, and the woman went on to report the crime to the Detroit Police Department.


On Nov. 16, OUPD was notified of an assault made at an on-campus anti-Trump protest. The victim was a man who had been following the protest with a pro-Trump banner. When an anti-Trump protestor was unsuccessful in stealing the banner, he pushed the Trump supporter down. OUPD identified the man who committed the assault as a professor who works at OU. The professor denied the assault, but admitted to trying to steal the banner. “The Trump sign represents hate and . . . I [wanted] to show them how I feel [about] a sign like that,” he said. Another student was a victim of assault at the protest, and stepped forward with the first incident captured on video. OUPD recommended filing charges. One of the students who was assaulted said he was frightened of going to class because the professor taught down the hall from his class, and the professor was much bigger than him. The professor was read his Miranda rights and charged with two counts of assault and battery.