Police Files: Nov. 30, 2016

Coworkers at odds

On Nov. 11, a person called the Oakland University Police Department and reported that a coworker threatened him in the Oakland Center. Two days prior, his coworker had threatened to “kick his ass” because he said he wasn’t doing a good job at work.

The man called OUPD because he did not feel safe working in the OC. Officers interviewed the suspect, who denied ever threatening the victim. The suspect was told to go home and not return until human resources cleared up the matter. The victim ultimately did not press charges.

Vandalization in P32

A woman called OUPD on Nov. 11 to report that her car had been vandalized. She had parked in Parking Lot 32. When she returned, she found black scratch marks on the front of her car and a note under the windshield wipers. Instead of providing contact information or insurance information, the suspect’s note said, “Nice park job.” Officers were unable to identify the suspect’s license plate number in video footage from the parking structure. The woman was left with $1,784 in repair damages.

Domestic violence in West Vandenberg

OUPD received a noise complaint on Nov. 5. Someone in West Vandenberg Hall had heard a male shout, “Stop hitting me!” When officers arrived at the building, they heard shouting coming down one of the halls. In an interview with the victim, he told the officer that his girlfriend was upset that he was in a YouTube video with another girl.

The girlfriend had demanded that he take the video down and cease all contact with the other girl. The victim claimed she accidentally hit him when he tried to hug her. Officers noticed swelling and bruising on the victim’s face. In an interview with the suspect, she admitted to slapping the victim several times. The suspect was taken into custody for booking.