Police Files: Nov. 16, 2016

Lewd emails to professor

The Oakland University Police Department (OUPD) received a complaint of sexual harassment on Friday, Oct. 18. The complainant explained that she received an email several days prior saying, “I know it’s inappropriate prof, but I can’t stop staring at your #@&…..sorry!” She later received other emails stating, “I guess that’s a nope. :3 Oh well, chat it up sometimes,” and “Thanks for the view…Omg.” The dean of students was informed and advised the complainant to tell the sender to cease contact immediately. OUPD obtained a source IP address for the emails and is currently investigating the case further.

It’s not legal in Michigan

An OUPD patrol officer noticed an unusual scent coming from Parking Lot 16. It turned out to be the smell of marijuana coming from a black Pontiac Grand Prix. Inside the car, the officer saw a Swisher Sweet cigar wrapper, a paper cup and a green leafy material. All the occupants in the vehicle denied smoking. The officer asked one person to step out, but the smell of marijuana could not be detected on his breath, and it appeared he was not impaired. However, the other occupants reeked of smoke and one admitted to smoking earlier in the day. Two of the occupants were issued citations for the use of marijuana and the driver was issued a traffic citation for a defective license plate.

Strange man shows up uninvited

  A woman called dispatch on Oct. 23 to report a strange man. She alleged that he walked into sorority a meeting uninvited. The man was talking to himself and looking around at various people. Police were unable to find the man in the Oakland Center. Later, sorority members saw the man at a Buffalo Wild Wings. By the time officers arrived at the restaurant, the suspect had left. However, they were able to obtain a picture of the man. Officers were able to locate the man through the use of fliers posted on campus. The man denied that he was stalking anyone. He said walking into the meeting was a mistake and going to the same Buffalo Wild Wings as people from the meeting was a coincidence. Officers told the man if he ever made any additional contact with the meeting participants, he would be subject to stalking charges and if he ever set foot on campus again, he would face trespassing charges.