Police Files for March 2

Alcohol in Oak View Hall 

On Valentine’s Day, OUPD was called to Oak View Hall to handle minors in possession of alcohol. Upon arriving to the dorm, the two accused students were hesitant to let the officers in, but eventually complied. They had been drinking canned margaritas and had 0.84 and 0.54 blood alcohol levels. Both students were issued citations for possession of alcohol while being underage.

Stolen property in Elliott Hall

An OUPD officer was dispatched to Elliott Hall on Feb. 9 due to some stolen keys for the building. A maintenance worker stated that while she had been cleaning, the keys were taken from her cart. On footage from the location, a male student was seen approaching the cart and walking away while putting something in his pocket. He then went to the bathroom on the second floor and threw something away in the trash can outside of the bathroom. The keys were found in that trash can.