Police Files: Oct. 26, 2016

Buy one, get one free MIPs

On Oct. 1, the Oakland University Police Department investigated the fourth floor of Hamlin Hall after receiving complaints about two intoxicated minors. Officers made contact with a male and female suspect in the lobby. The male suspect consented to a breathalyzer test after denying that he was intoxicated. After the results revealed the male suspect had a .015 blood alcohol content (BAC), he was given a minor in possession (MIP) citation. The female suspect had bloodshot eyes and breath that smelled of liquor. She told the officer she drank a pint of vodka at a party in Pontiac. Her breathalyzer test revealed a .130 BAC. She was also given an MIP citation, and the matter was turned over to University Housing.

Suspect in unwanted sexual contact caught

A victim stepped forward on Oct. 4 to issue a complaint about unwanted sexual contact the day prior. OUPD was eventually able to locate a suspect with the help of witnesses and video surveillance. The suspect offered a much different story from the victim’s. According to him, he walked the woman to her car, they hugged, she smoked a cigarette, and she left after telling him to stop chasing after girls. OUPD pressed him about the issue and mentioned they had received complaints about him from three different people. The suspect’s eyes widened, he became visibly nervous, and he eventually started crying. OUPD booked the suspect, gave him a citation for assault, and the matter was eventually turned over to the dean of Student Affairs.