Police Files: Oct. 19, 2016

Clowns on campus

On Oct. 14, the Oakland University Police Department was dispatched to Meadow Brook Road after receiving complaints of a suspicious person dressed as a clown looking into windows. A group of students told the officer they saw the clown get into a black Ford with three other individuals and drive west. OUPD attempted to pursue the vehicle, but they were unable to locate suspects. At a later point, another patrol unit discovered a black car with four occupants who were wearing white gloves. However, they were wearing the white gloves because they were painting rocks on campus. The clown has yet to be located.

What’s that smell?!

On Oct. 7, two OUPD officers were called to Oak View Hall after receiving complaints of a strange odor in the building. Immediately after exiting the elevator on the fifth floor, the officers smelled marijuana. They followed the smell to a room and knocked on the door for several minutes. They could hear the sounds of movement, cabinet doors closing, and male and female voices inside. A male student opened the door. After being asked about marijuana smoke in the room, he handed the officers a vitamin container containing five grams of marijuana, along with a glass pipe and a lighter. Two students were issued citations for marijuana use and the evidence was confiscated.