Police Files: Oct. 12, 2016

Guns and grams found in vehicle on campus

On Monday, Sept. 19, OUPD noticed a black Dodge Challenger blocking several parked cars in one of the lots. The owner of the vehicle returned to his car and offered to move it. Soon, the officer noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the man’s car. The officer looked into window of the car and saw a bag of marijuana in the cupholder.

When police searched the vehicle, they discovered $84 in cash, a second cell phone, a handgun and a fully-loaded magazine. All of these items were confiscated, along with 16 grams of marijuana. The suspect was transferred to the station, given a violation for the possession of the firearm and told to leave campus. A warrant is currently being pursued for possession of marijuana.

Larceny in Vandenberg Hall

OUPD received a report of larceny on Friday, Sept. 23. A pipe-fitting company had done repairs and maintenance on campus in late August. One of the employees left a suitcase welder in Room 115 of Vandenberg Hall in case further repairs needed to be done. When the man returned for the welder on Sept. 21, it was missing. He inquired about its whereabouts, but no one he spoke with knew where it was. He asked OUPD if any other trade contractors had done work on campus recently, and OUPD recalled one other company that had been working in the building at the same time.

The welder was blue and approximately $2,200 in value. A suspect for the theft has yet to be identified.