Police Files for March 9

Shelby Tankersley, Staff Reporter

Stolen property in Kresge Library

            On Feb. 29, a student went into the OUPD office with their mother to report some prescription drugs missing. The student believed they were stolen from their backpack on Feb. 24. The backpack was left on the fourth floor unattended in a study room for two hours. When the student returned, the prescription was gone. OUPD currently has no leads on where the prescription is.

Student turns self in

            On March 1, a student walked into the OUPD office to inform officers that they had been using marijuana and other substances. The student was charged with a felony and a misdemeanor. OUPD took their fingerprints and brought the student before a judge to decide the consequences of the charges. The student was then released into the custody of their parents.