Police Files: Sept. 28, 2016

This is not a pipe

On Sept. 15, the smell of marijuana coming from a vehicle near the Ann V. Nicholson Apartments caught the attention of OUPD during a routine patrol. When the officer asked the driver if she had been smoking, the driver reached into the armrest, pulled out a glass pipe filled with marijuana and handed it to the officer. The driver said the pipe was leftover from a different night and assured the officer that no marijuana was smoked that day. OUPD proceeded to confiscate the pipe and gave the driver a citation for the use of marijuana.

Who took my cigarettes?

On Sept. 14, larceny was reported to have occurred in Vandenberg Hall two days prior. After a woman placed her purse in the kitchen area coat check, a man asked her for a cigarette. She responded by telling him where her purse was. When she returned to her purse, she discovered that her brand new Newport Menthol pack only had one cigarette left. When police questioned the man, he told OUPD he wasn’t sure who took her cigarettes. OUPD suggested that he give them a call if he learned any new information.

A case of identity theft

On Sept. 14, a victim of identity theft stepped forward and filed a report with OUPD. An unknown person had made over a dozen purchases on the victim’s credit card, resulting in thousands of dollars in charges. The time on the fraudulent purchases was 12 hours ahead of Eastern time, suggesting that someone in a different country had made the false purchases. A suspect has yet to be identified.