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Report: not enough legal parking for half of student population

By Rachel Williams September 12, 2015

Nearly every Oakland student, or at least Oakland commuter, has experienced the frenzy that is parking at Oakland University.  This can include, but is not limited to, stealing spots, following fellow...


Parking subcommittee in the works

By Kaylee Kean September 30, 2014

The Campus Development Committee (CDC) will be creating two subcommittees: one for general-purpose student uses and one for parking and traffic concerns, according to Kyler Johnson, student services director.This...

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Letter to the Editor: ‘I feel that my safety comes into question’

I'm writing in regards to the poor parking in the Ann V. Nicholson apartments.I understand that in campus housing, parking will be tight. However, I feel that it is not only unfair but unsafe that my choice...

Student wins parking spot, loses it to thieves

Student wins parking spot, loses it to thieves

By Scott Wolchek January 28, 2014

Samantha Nagy is living every OU student’s dream come true− she won her very own parking spot on campus. But there’s one small problem− everyone keeps ignoring the giant sign that reads in glaring...

Predator vs. parking spots

By Scott Wolchek September 24, 2013

To stalk or not to stalk? For students and faculty, that is the question.If you’ve been in any campus parking lot, you may have noticed the “parking prowlers” of Oakland University.These mobile predators...

Parking panic!

By Kaylee Kean September 10, 2013

Slowly but surely, the hunter stalks through rows of unsuspecting prey, waiting to pounce at the first given opportunity.There, in the distance – a bulky black creature is reversing, struggling to escape...

Parking problems? Please

By Editors August 28, 2013

Parking at OU can be a painful experience. In the poll from our previous issue, 75 percent of our respondents said this year will be a bad year for campus parking. Another 10.7 percent said they’d even...

OU prepped for return of students amid construction

By Kevin Graham August 25, 2013

University administrators are prepping students for parking changes due to construction. An email sent to all students this week advised to plan ahead in getting ready for their commute. Temporary gravel...

Parking panic at OU

Parking panic at OU

By Scott Wolchek August 7, 2013

Plenty of Oakland University students and faculty members have felt the pressure of somebody slowly and creepily following them throughout a parking lot, looking to swipe their parking spot the second...

Fewer parking spots in Fall 2013

By Irum Ibrahim August 5, 2013

OU will lose approximately 1,300 parking spots this year, due to five construction projects that won’t be completed until Fall 2014.OUSC has been meeting all summer to organize alternative parking, according...

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