Parking subcommittee in the works



The Campus Development Committee (CDC) will be creating two subcommittees: one for general-purpose student uses and one for parking and traffic concerns, according to Kyler Johnson, student services director.

This was announced at the Oakland University Student Congress’ weekly Monday meeting, held in the Center for Student Activities.

Possible parking and OC expansion

During a Senate Committee meeting for the CDC, Johnson said he and fellow members decided to begin a subcommittee on parking and traffic after receiving numerous complaints regarding handicapped parking and metered spots being abused, as well as backups at each of the campus exits.

“(The committee will) review traffic patterns, parking patterns, etc., to see what future plans will be,” Johnson said. “They might hold off with University Drive about to open up, as that might eliminate a lot of the issues we’re having now, but we really have no way of knowing until it opens up.”

One of the items discussed was a letter to the editor from student Meghan Ponka regarding lack of sufficient overnight parking for residents and lack of Bear Bus availability at these hours. This letter, published in the Sept. 10 issue of The Oakland Post, questioned the safety and fairness of OU’s parking options.

“They definitely do check to see what’s going on,” Johnson said. “I guess that paper did prompt some questions to be directed.”

Johnson said he will also be looking into getting special parking for pregnant women. He saw an eight-month pregnant woman park in the back of lot P1 and make “a really long walk for someone who’s pregnant.”

“It would help to make Oakland a more friendly and accessible school to everybody. I think a lot of people would appreciate the little things (like that).”

Another subcommittee is being created to inspect general-purpose student use of facilities such as the Oakland Center and Kresge Library and how these can be adapted for students’ patterns. Something that has been building up discussion is an expansion of the OC.

“Officially, I won’t say what they’re doing,” Johnson said. “But it is one thing that is really gaining some steam. The usage is there, the numbers are there, and I’m sure it will happen in the next three years or so … It’s a very expensive project that will have to be funded by students, and that’s one of the other hiccups that they’ve run into.”

Other items from the OUSC meeting

Shawn Czewski, environmental, health and wellness director, said he would be meeting with the dean of students to discuss the non-smoking policy, what exactly it means and how it will be enforced, if at all.

There are currently 15 positions still open for the research and review committee, according to Laina Townsend, chair of the committee. Those interested can contact her at [email protected].

“We need legislators,” said Annie Meinberg, Student Body President. “Involvement-wise, you can be a legislator, join a committee.

“This year at our (meetings), Student Congress is going to focus on really concerns and comments from students. So if you ever see anything on campus, if you ever have any ideas or concerns, come to our general body meetings Mondays at four and voice those concerns and we’ll problem solve.”

The next meeting will be held at the Oakland Room.