Letter to the Editor: ‘I feel that my safety comes into question’

Brought to you by The Oakland Post

Brought to you by The Oakland Post

I’m writing in regards to the poor parking in the Ann V. Nicholson apartments.

I understand that in campus housing, parking will be tight. However, I feel that it is not only unfair but unsafe that my choice for parking is either a badly lit, temporary parking or a new parking structure that is extremely far from my building.

The parking structure wouldn’t be so bad even with the distance if not for the unreliable buses. Just the other day around 10 p.m. I was told by the driver that I was lucky to have gotten a bus.

Apparently, the next shift from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. had been cancelled due to the driver getting sick.

These are the times (11 p.m.-3 a.m.) that I think buses are most needed for safe, reliable transportation.

Living on campus, tuition, books, and other accessories that teachers require you to have are not cheap, but are an expense that I willingly pay with the expectation that my safety as well as my education is at the top of Oakland University’s list of priorities.

I’m not looking for front parking; I’m not even looking for close parking.

What I want is safe parking.

I want to be able to come from work at 11 p.m. and not have to worry about being attacked on my way to my apartment.

Honestly, the only way I can see this working is if the Nicholson parking lost is reserved for those who live there.

Guests should be made to walk, or get picked up and dropped off by the people they are visiting.

I should not be forced to put myself in dangerous positions so other people, those not paying to live on campus, can park closer to their friends and relatives’ buildings.

Mandating parking passes is just one of the ways to fix things, but i believe it’s the cheapest and easiest way.

I’m really scared that OU is waiting for someone to be attacked before they are forced to put plans for parking into motion when it should have been done years ago.

I, a single, young female feel that my safety comes into question every night I return home.

When I do need to park, there is no shortage of circumstances that I now find myself worrying about.

I always have to wonder if there will be parking in the apartment parking lot, if the street lights will be working, if anyone else will be out walking, if I have to parking the very dark temporary parking lot or if there will be a bus available to pick me up and drop me off from the parking structure.

These are not the questions I should have to think about.

I pay to live in Nicholson apartments, and in that payment I should receive one parking spot.

A guaranteed parking spot, I think, is a very small amenity for both the women and men who live in the Nicholson apartments to allow them to feel safe to leave and arrive at all hours of the day or night.