Fewer parking spots in Fall 2013

OU will lose approximately 1,300 parking spots this year, due to five construction projects that won’t be completed until Fall 2014.

OUSC has been meeting all summer to organize alternative parking, according to Student Services Director Ashley Monticciolo.

“I don’t think the lack of parking spots will affect anyone, staff or student, due to the fact that we are creating new temporary lots for the year and utilizing the Bear Bus more,” said Monticciolo. 

These temporary parking spots have been created by a parking committee composed of administration and three OUSC members, and will be released to the student body and faculty soon.

Oakland may lose a significant amount of parking spots this year, but the new parking structure being built has some students embracing the situation with a positive attitude. 

“I see it as a short term loss for a long term gain,” said Tiffany Sood. 

Junior, Aeson Welch said, “It sucks, but until they build a massive new parking lot, we’re going to have to deal with it.”

One project is a new four-level parking structure, which includes approximately 1,240 new spaces, being constructed on the south side of campus, off Liberty Drive.

The structure will replace lot P-32, and will give access to several buildings on Oakland University’s campus.