Predator vs. parking spots

To stalk or not to stalk? For students and faculty, that is the question.

If you’ve been in any campus parking lot, you may have noticed the “parking prowlers” of Oakland University.

These mobile predators slowly and steadily follow innocent students and faculty back to their vehicles, hearts racing and adrenaline rushing, as they wait to gobble up parking spots.

Is this uncouth form of parking lot hunting really necessary?

OUPD Captain Mark Gordon begs to differ.

“The biggest complaint I receive is people can’t park near the building they want to,” said Gordon. 

“There are plenty of parking spots. Just not all of them are near the building you want to go.” 


Give it time

Gordon said time is of the essence when it comes to finding a spot.

 “I would recommend allowing plenty of time to get to campus,” said Gordon.  

“At least 30 minutes before class time. And, depending what time of day it is, there are different strategies.”

Gordon says students and faculty with 8 a.m. classes won’t have too much trouble finding a spot, but any time after 9, be prepared to park on the outskirts of campus.

Many OU students agree with Gordon’s secrets to finding a parking spot.

“Just come here really early,” said Kristina McLaughlin a sixth year senior. “I get here at 7:45, park in P-1 (in front of the Human Health Building,) and have never had a problem finding a spot.”

“It’s easier in the morning,” said freshman, Toria Grant. “It gets chaotic in the afternoon.”

Gordon also explained what to do once you find that elusive parking spot.

“You should be prepared to walk 10-15 minutes, as well as know the bus routes,” said Gordon.

Junior, Erin Ward agreed. 

“Don’t be lazy,” said Ward. “Just park far away and walk.”

In total, Gordon says if you arrive 30-40 minutes before class, you should have plenty of time to park and get anywhere on campus.

But what about the lazy folk who don’t want to wake up early or walk? 

The secret

Is there a sure-fire way to find a spot on campus?

One student, freshman, Roshawn Clay doesn’t arrive extremely early to class and has never had a problem. 

His secret?

“I get dropped off,” said Clay.

For those who aren’t as fortunate as Clay, take heed and listen to Gordon’s outlook for a brighter future.

“Parking should be better next year,” said Gordon.

 After all, the new 1,240 space parking structure will be completed August, 2014 according to Associate Vice President of Facilities Management Terry Stollsteimer. 

In other words, to find a parking spot at OU, wait until next year. 

Either that, or stop being a lazy, lifeless loaf and get to school on time.