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Becoming Generation WHY

By Web Master

February 13, 2008

Every generation faces new and unique challenges, crises and wars that could potentially affect the entire world.A new generation of children born in the late-80s and the early-90s is beginning to send its first representative...

Still Loading …

By Web Master

February 6, 2008

STAFF EDITORIALWe, here at the Oakland Post, don't want to take up your time with another 500 word column â€" Webmail has probably wasted enough of it. The problem with Webmail has yet to be rectified. Important information con...

University Webmail problems frustrate, no explanation given

By Web Master

January 30, 2008

STAFF EDITORIALLoading … Loading … Loading.Sit back, and stare into space. Feel familiar? This is the daily routine of Oakland University students attempting to use their student Webmail account.If you haven't noticed, the u...

In this non-stop society, take a moment and slow down

By Web Master

January 16, 2008

STAFF EDITORIALSlow down. Take a deep breath. Look at those around you. In today's fast paced society, we sometimes forget about our immediate experience. Our minds have become entangled in the goals of expediency and success....

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