Letter to the Editor: ‘The fact that I have to write a complaint at all is ridiculous’

Editor’s note: The Oakland Post regrets the decision to run the “Note to Self” comic featured on last week’s “Mouthing Off” satire page. During this semester, we have covered Greek life in stories chronicling sorority bid day, Oakland’s TKE fraternity’s positive response to a national scandal, the Greek council’s reaction to the Yik Yak app, and a “Photo of the Week” featuring a Zeta Sigma Chi fundraising event. The Post has and will continue to provide objective coverage of all campus organizations and to champion their contributions to the community.

Oakland Post,

I’m writing you today because of your recent newspaper, which became available Wednesday, October 15, 2014. The fact that I have to write a complaint at all is ridiculous. One of your interns wrote, illustrated and then was allowed to print a cartoon that was blatantly disrespectful, ridiculous and made a disgusting spectacle of a long distinguished and respected fraternity. The portrayal of this illiterate bear at a fraternity party was both confusing, lacking in any sense and wasn’t understood until explained to us by a member of the Post.

The fact that a Post member approached us as said, and I quote this member, “The letters were thrown out randomly, it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. It just so happened to be this fraternity.”

Firstly, the fact that Greek letters were used at all is outrageous. Secondly, how these letters “just so happened” to portray a fraternity that “just so happens” to be on OU’s campus is a flimsy excuse at best and quite frankly is not believable. Thirdly, why and how did this comic become published? Perhaps you need more people on the Post who look over your articles for possible mistakes, misquotes and offensive materials.

Greek life on this campus has slowly become more respectable, larger in population and more successful in our philanthropic efforts. Furthermore, we have the highest GPA in any other OU organization, so why would we ever have illiterate members is both offensive and disrespectful on a level that I have never witnessed before on this campus.

I look forward to your apology in both the Post, which should be towards the front, if not on the front cover, of the issue. Also, a verbal apology to Greek life at the next Greek Council meeting on Sunday, October 26, promptly at 1:00 p.m. in the OC. I would reach out to Alpha Sigma Phi and go to their next meeting to offer another personal apology. 


Madison Kubinski