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The reality of student life: School, work and life balance

Ana Gjorgjevski, Features Reporter November 1, 2023

The reality of being a student is that the role requires a great deal of sacrifices. No matter the major or class standing, there is a demand for excellence from all areas of study. Oakland University...

Women in Business presents Lunch and Learn panel with Ally

Women in Business presents Lunch and Learn panel with Ally

Summer Weathers, Sports Reporter September 28, 2022

Women in Business (WIB) at Oakland University is a student organization that aids in women's professional growth and development, building confidence in their career goals.  WIB co-hosted a panel event...

Tori and soon-to-be-graduated Lauren discuss some elite summer activities on their satire farewell tour.

Super fulfilling things to do this summer

Tori Coker and Lauren Reid April 13, 2022

Yup — it’s coming. Summertime. You may be absolutely thrilled, you may be tirelessly scooping middle school friend groups ice cream for four months, or you may be entering a quarter-life crisis. Regardless...

The real weight of a 4.0

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief February 7, 2016

The almighty 4.0: glorious and virtually unattainable. Student Congress has been working to make it easier to attain, causing dedicated students all over OU to breathe a sigh of relief. Certainly flawless...

Finding the bright side of a rough internship

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief January 10, 2016

The Google search “why you shouldn’t have an internship” yields over 1.7 million results. On top of that, there are editorials written by former students published in news outlets like Forbes and...

The Spirit of Anthony Spak

Adam Kenney, contributor January 3, 2016

Internships are common place among college students and are often seen as being just a part of the curriculum. Another class to take.  A requirement. Few students have the chance to reignite the spirit...

College students may be poor, but they will work for experience.

I walk the (unemployment) line

Sean Gardner March 3, 2015

Hello and welcome to the end of your undergraduate college years, I hope you had fun.If you did it right – you have a coffee addiction, function on 4 hours of sleep, binge watched everything on Netflix...

OU deems internships important for students

By LeeAnn Brown September 8, 2013

To infinity … and beyond!These iconic words are familiar to several of us as the great Buzz Lightyear’s motto from the Toy Story trilogy.Most of us will never be space rangers and the concept of infinity...

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