Women in Business presents Lunch and Learn panel with Ally

Women in Business (WIB) at Oakland University is a student organization that aids in women’s professional growth and development, building confidence in their career goals. 

WIB co-hosted a panel event on Thursday, Sept. 22 with innovative financial company Ally, whose motto is “Do It Right.” Its  internship opportunities give hands-on experience in the many programs they offer, offering students the necessary exposure.

This event was hosted by business transfer students, and aimed at giving attendees a chance to speak with recruiters and current employees. Networking was a strongly emphasized concept during this event, deemed a brilliant way to talk to different people and build relationships, making those connections that matter.

“You always want to take an opportunity to talk to somebody outside of your group or talk to leaders within your group, and always let them know what your interests are,” Shenali Gunaratne, technology recruiter at Ally, said. “I’ve met a lot of different people so far during my time working with Ally. Anytime you get an opportunity to join something that may be outside of your specific major, still take it.”

Ally also has a great mentorship program. The power of mentorship promises career achievement for both the mentor and mentee. 

“Within the mentoring program, we welcome all employees to sign up,” Lynn Cowie, manager of business continuity at Ally, said. “There’s never an opportunity that goes by where we don’t always want, or always need people to give back. If you have a degree in economics, that doesn’t mean you have to settle. It’s where your passion is. You’re not locked in by your major.”

Ally wants those who are interested in expressing what their ultimate goal is. It is important to be open to available roles as well because that will help in gaining beneficial experience.

“Where you end up in an internship doesn’t necessarily mean that is your career choice — it’s just great to get your foot through the door and better understand different companies,” Cowie said. “To determine if that is the career path you want to go down, it will also help in deciding what you thought you wanted to do. This is what Ally is all about — students learning.”

WIB is always looking to get different companies to come in and speak that can help women in their career paths by giving professional tips and advice for navigating the workforce. 

At 12 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, WIB will be co-hosting a resume and LinkedIn profile-building workshop as their next event.