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Potential ‘tripledemic’ winter: Flu, RSV and COVID-19

Gabrielle Gappy, Science & Technology Editor November 16, 2022

If you were to ask someone if they knew anyone sick right now, they would probably say yes. Although we are not in the midst of peak COVID-19 cases like we were in the past few years, other illnesses have...

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Biden says ‘the pandemic is over’ — What do OU students believe?

Autumn Okuszka, Features Reporter October 5, 2022

On Sept. 14, President Joe Biden visited the Detroit Auto Show with 60 Minutes and was interviewed on a wide range of topics — from rising gas prices to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Huntington Place...

Graham Health Center will be distributing flu vaccines.

COVID-19, monkey pox, flu protocols for the new semester

Rachel Yim, Science & Technology Reporter September 21, 2022

The 2022 fall semester marks the third school year of the pandemic. However, this year COVID-19 concerns have been accompanied by new caution around the rapid spread of the monkeypox virus, as well as...

Austin completing his schoolwork.

Pandemic learning: reflection from a mother with a son on the Autism Spectrum

Autumn Okuszka, Features Reporter April 13, 2022

Roberta J. Okuszka, 53, remembers the first day of virtual learning vividly. Waking up at 7:30 a.m., making her son breakfast and helping him to get ready to reconnect with the outside world via Zoom....

The Graham Health Centers patient portal is available to students on campus.

Making students’ health smarter: GHC’s patient portal

Samantha Sayles, Contributor April 6, 2022

Students and faculty can now access their health records and make appointments digitally using the Graham Health Center’s (GHC) patient portal — a secure and private tool for each patient to confidently...

Due to COVID-19, many piano lessons have shifted to a virtual format.

The challenges (and benefits) of virtual piano lessons during the pandemic

Sarah Gudenau, Features Editor April 6, 2022

Rebecca Happel, applied instructor of music and piano lecturer of Oakland University, was conducting a piano lesson over Zoom. She counted while her student played, but the student was constantly a second...

OU has announced its plan to lift the campus-wide indoor mask mandate on March 20.

University announces plans to lift campus-wide indoor mask mandate

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2022

This afternoon the university announced that effective Sunday, March 20, the campus-wide indoor mask mandate will be lifted. From that point forward, masks will only be required in classrooms, laboratories,...

Editor-in-Chief of The Oakland Post Jeff Thomas.

Letter from the editor: Two years of grief and COVID-19

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2022

This week marks the two-year anniversary of COVID-19 shutting down the United States and forever changing our lives. It also marks two years since I lost a dear friend of mine. I’m here with this letter...

OU Perspective: Should masks remain mandatory?

OU Perspective: Should masks remain mandatory?

Joe Zerilli, Campus Editor March 9, 2022

After Oakland County lifted the mask mandates for schools on Feb. 28, questions were raised whether Oakland University would follow suit. During the OU Senate meeting on Feb. 17, discussions have begun...

Spring commencement ceremonies will take place at the Orena on Thursday, April 28 through Saturday, April 30.

University plans for in-person spring commencement ceremonies

Sarah Gudenau, Features Editor March 9, 2022

Spring 2022 commencement ceremonies will be held in-person at the O’rena on Thursday, April 28 through Saturday, April 30.  Winter 2021 commencement ceremonies took place in-person as well — the...

The majority of students surveyed responded in favor of lifting OUs campus indoor mask mandate before the end of the winter semester.

Majority of students surveyed support ending campus mask mandate

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief March 4, 2022

Results are in for Oakland University Student Congress (OUSC) and The Oakland Post’s co-sponsored Oakland University mask mandate student survey, and 57.5% of respondents have voted in favor of lifting...

Students have mixed reactions to Oakland Universitys plan to maintain the indoor mask mandate.

OU community reacts to continued enforcement of mask mandate

Arianna Heyman, Features Editor February 23, 2022

On Feb. 13, Oakland County officials announced they would no longer require schools to enforce a mask mandate. Despite the decision from the county, OU stated they will continue to require that students...

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